Fraud & Loss prevention is all about stopping the preventable that happens every minute of the day with scams such as the simple cyber-attacks of spam, phishing, mal-, ransom, spy-, and now risk ware just to name a few of the common viruses picked up and gathered by unprotected searches or the plain Jane hack by Intel through mktg strategies and links of all types data miners that we unknowingly interact with daily. Such information theft starts on a personal basis and then of course then financial assets, holdings, and even trade stocks interfaced by a bitcoin status at their highest yield.

Well, enough said about the small stuff let’s talk about everyday business policies aimed to reduce certain types of avoidable damages. Practice not allowing these changes to overwhelm one in this vast world of entities both large and small.

It is important to have a plan of action that includes Fraud & loss prevention. This will help improve customer satisfaction and reduce financial losses in your company by implementing strategies such as loss prevention which work towards reducing the activities engaged in with companies who invest time and mega resources into these types of schemes.

In the world of fraud prevention, there are always new threats to stay aware of as professionals develop authentication and detection solutions for identifying signs or tactics that could lead to potential criminal activity on and offline (such as identity and credit theft). These techniques will be adopted by those looking for financially motivated criminals who would rather take advantage when opportunities arise than create accept any lack-luster job prospects offered almost anywhere.

Money Investigation, Inc has been many of our client’s one-stop-shop for financial inel in real-time. We provide you with up-to-date and accurate data on what assets the company has, how much they’re clearly valued currently on hard and soft assets and investments. There is a projection estimate of futuristic gains also. Any debts or obligations that could come into play in regards to their solvency are packaged conveniently so it’s easier than ever before to know whom you are dealing with from the start!

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Intel on subjects business net worth and alternative income sources


Security & Fraud Awareness

We live in an age of technology where our lives are increasingly dependent on the internet and digital devices. This has provided common sort criminals with new opportunities for financial gain as they can now hack information from these resources without being seen by victims who may not even know what kind of device was compromised during their session online! Cybercriminals will often pose as legitimate organizations before luring people into clicking suspicious links which take them towards another website to fill out forms containing sensitive data. Fraudsters might also easily lure one over emails promising amazing offers but then asked for payment via credit card or any valid trade line used one time to capture monies and quickly draft much more once the smoke clears. These scams are complex as the committers often use genuine real employee names and copies of proprietary documentation.

To help improve your personal cyber security posture, we offer the following information about cyber threats and guidance to help protect your family, friends, loved ones. Employers falling victim to a cyber-attack or fraud scams must be alert to the most common methods used by such charletons posing as legitimate proposals by said actors.

Credential-based Attacks

This is the most common way to steal all of one’s information.  If you use the same username and password combination across different websites or services, it’s possible that these criminals will take advantage of this vulnerability in order to grab access with stolen account credentials. Credential stuffing attacks often go unnoticed until all funds are transferred and depleted so make a habit of not reusing one’s login credentials it becomes absolutely necessary.

Malicious Emails and Websites

Identity theft is a serious issue in the US alone that can have lasting effects on your life. It’s important to be aware of the potential risks and protect yourself from becoming a victim, but attentively monitoring e-mails will not always work out in our favor because criminals tend to use different tactics like “phishing” (a common technique where they fake an email address or website) which may infect you with malware if one hacker or Phishing can also happen by telephone and is becoming gradually dominant on social media and professional networking sites.

Protection Tips

1. Establish Secure Email Protocols:

The email has become the most popular way for hackers to enter your personal information and commit online fraud. Don’t click on links or open attachments from suspicious-looking emails!

2. Avoid reusing passwords

Use lengthy, unique, and complex passwords — a great first step toward stopping bad actors. Actually, cyber security practices suggest utilizing long, memorable, and difficult to guess passwords for example a favorite song lyric.

3. Update Your Software:

Keep all of your software up to date. Apply software updates as soon as possible once they become available. Consider enabling automatic updates where available.

The financial loss even sometimes by fraudulent means occurs when someone takes money or other assets from our clients through deception or borderline criminal activity. Investment scams are a dime-a-dozen. They involve getting you or your business to agree on the promise of an opportunity that may not exist, but is sure worth looking into! To perpetuate these schemes fraudsters typically present themselves as legitimate figures such as friends/family members who get in touch through email contact forms at their website– often giving off subtle hints about what kind of financial transactions they want participants to be involved with so that there will be no reason why anyone would think certain staged offers would sound too good to be true thereby causing suspicions.

Money Investigation, Inc. provides financial security to its clients through the use of innovative cutting-edge technologies which minimize their time value better spent on putting new money in the street instead of chasing monthly defaults. Our certified team maximizes the returns for entities’ investment portfolios or loan packages by just simply cleaning up the funds that were left on the table. We care about every aspect of our clients’ lending without losing because after all, this isn’t just any business – it’s yours!

We offer a revolutionary approach to data privacy with total transparency from beginning to end. Our due diligence processes ensure compliance and enforcement at the highest levels which side effects by giving our clients access to all information requested from the initial scrub and skipping to our encrypted cloud base. Live referrals upon request.