Money Investigation, Inc.

Money Investigation, Inc. provides and protects your financial interests by eliminating the time, energy, and monies lost from struggling with monthly deficits and defaults. We not only give our clients the highest level of recovery rate but as well the security needed in business today beyond the norm of expectancy. Adherence to full compliance where and when applicable on all state and federal levels are embedded at the forefront of all preliminary track and trace efforts. MII contractually provides a full “hold harmless” liability position to all of our clients regarding the assigned transmissions of ports, placements and accounts.

Commercial Collections

Procedural elements are accessed through the archived information and findings obtained through the subjects relative patterns of transactions and algorithms within current or prior financial transactions.

Asset Liability Investigations

MII moves towards the behavioral strategies and economic value of the concern on all levels as our team transitions through each stage of due diligence.

Other Legal Services

Our fundamental platform of total transparency from beginning to end gives access to all data of conventional scrub and encrypted cloud base to our clients upon request. Precise procedures of compliance throughout the entire process of due diligence is performed at the highest level of competency and enforcement.