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Commercial Collections

Procedural elements are accessed through the archived information and findings obtained through the subjects relative patterns of hits and algorithms within current or prior financial transactions.

Asset Liability Investigations

MII moves towards the behavioral strategies and economic value of the concern on all levels as our team transitions through each stage of due diligence.

Other Legal Services

Our fundamental platform of total transparency from beginning to end gives access to all data of conventional scrub and encrypted cloud base to our clients upon request. Precise procedures of compliance throughout the entire process of due diligence is performed at the highest level of competency and enforcement.

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We not only give our clients the highest level of recovery rate legally possible but our eclectic approach provides integrity and protects the image of all our partners & clients.

Money Investigation, Inc.

MII looks towards the behavioral strategies and economic value of each concern by transitioning through every factor and level of the due diligence process.

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Dedicated Team

Our dedicated professionals do not close any engagements or accounts w/o completely exhausting every effort of collection practice and action per the FDCPA, CFPB and federal trade commission. This is performed in the proper venue of state, county and territorial records of research.

Best Advisors

Get the best advise regarding enforcement actions that strictly adhere to the compliance and guidance from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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We are here to help our clients 24/7. Get in touch with our agents today!

A Few Mentions By Our Clients

These guys are the ones you call when your serious about collecting a debt
Blane Bailey
President, Trantergrey Media Group, Inc.
Money Investigation, Inc. is a very responsible company to help you recover lost revenue. They are very professional and fast. Give them a try are you will see for yourself.
Paul Heys
AE, First Data
”If you need money recovery MII is the place to go. They work hard for there customers for commercial and consumer recovery and do not stop until collection is complete or all avenues have been exhausted. I would highly recommend these guys”
Robert Abetecola
Franchise Owner, Decea, Inc.
Money Investigators were dedicated to my account – by that i mean we received regular reporting, timely responses to questions and better than expected results. Legal services. This is a very nice man to work with. Thank you, AR for all your help!!
Mike Rhodes
Executive VP, Advance America Cash Advance Ctrs.
To say that Money Investigations, Inc. knows their business is an understatement. They really go to collections with a vigor I have never seen before. They have got money from debtors I thought would never pay! If you have a need for collection services you will be well pleased with MII. If a prospective client wants to call me, it will be my pleasure to add any reassurance I can that you are making a good choice!
Thomas Shelton
Owner, Shelton Loan Company

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